Ten years

Ten years ago at the ripe old age of 13 I stepped into someone elses home with my first babysitting job. I will never forget that first child who someone else decided to trust me with. It was my teacher’s son and the mere fact she asked me to watch him blew my mind.

It was English class and I was finished early (like usual) with my task. Mrs. Hall then did something she only did to students who were in major trouble- she called me out into the hallway. Nervously I followed and there she proceeded to comment on my responsibility and then brought up the fact that Valentine’s day was the upcoming Saturday. Of course I knew that. I was a single 13 yr old who sat in the corner of every school dance crying because no guy ever asked me to dance. She then told me of her 2 yr old who she needed someone to watch. My only question ” Will you pick me up?” 

So Saturday night at 6pm she picked me up and I met Thomas. He of course was infatuated with Thomas the train and the rest of the night was history.

From there, came other nights for Mrs.Hall. High school brought on other families from church and by senior year I was watching other teacher’s kids as well. The summer after my first year of college I nannied for 3 different families with a total of 9 kids. 

In 10 years I’ve watched so many kids I’ve lost count. Each family has helped me grow and mature. I’ve read parenting books and applied things I’ve learned from classes to better my services. I’ve potty trained, broke kids off the paci, taught them to swim, and even taught some to read. 

But the time has come in my life for my service of nannying to be done. My latest family has dubbed me “Mary Poppins” and for that I will forever be grateful. I have enjoyed being a nanny. It’s something that came natural to me and something I believe I am gifted at. 

At 23 though, it’s time for me to move on. To move into a field where I can eventually meet the future husband. To allow time for my heart to yearn again for a child to hold. For a child to comfort to sleep, to reach for my hand, and to sing to sleep. That child will one day be mine and on that day, I will remember all the families that allowed me to practice being a mom. Thank you to every parent who ever trusted me with your child. I’m blessed and honored to have been part of your child’s life for whatever duration that was. 



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