Loan Holders

The moment a baby is born, parent’s become possessive.

“Look at MY child”

“She has MY eyes”

“He has MY talents”

In that moment one forgets, one forgets that while they played a vital part in the creation of that child, they ultimately belong to God.

We all do.

Parent’s in the end are Loan Holders.

As Christians, we “train them in the ways they should go.” That means we teach them the ways of God. Why? Because that is how we learn our true Father’s nature. We learn the characteristics of God not to know how to be obedient, but to know more of our Father. We attempt to follow the ways of Him, so we can follow in our Father’s footsteps.

The world tells you that your children are a lot like you. If we all are flawed, why then would you want your child to be like you?  Our desire should be to make children more like their Heavenly Father and less like us. Yes, your child may look like you in the mirror, but it’s how their heart reflects God, that counts. When our hearts learn the characteristics of God, that is when we gain just a deeper glimpse of our Father.

Love your children, hold them daily. But in the end, stop worrying if they are following in your footsteps to becoming the next you. Help your child follow in the footsteps of God, because that is who we all belong to.



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