Self centered goals

Way back in 2008, as I prepared to graduate from high school I made this list of goals.

Today marked the final countdown- 4 days remain until I walk across a stage and walk on to a new platform. With this new start, I have a list of dreams and goals, some short term, some long, some physical changes, some spiritual, but I decided to share these .

1. I want to drop at least 2 pant sizes over the summer through running and a newer, healthier diet( diet meaning a lifestyle change, not just a fad)

2. I want to graduate Summa Cum Laude from Berea College.

3. I want to finally establish a consistent walk with God, meaning a daily time in the word, constantly memorizing the scriptures , not to just check it of the daily to do list, but instead to grow and develop into a more mature woman of God so that one day, when I have children, I can be a light and role model for them.

4. I want to teach- elementary only please!

5. I want to passionately fall in love with God !

6. I want to find the man of God created for me.

7. I want to adopt and be a mother.

8. I want to travel- Africa, Bosnia, Hungary, Turkey, Romania, Australia, WHERE EVER GOD LEADS!

9. I want to become more disciplined in my study habits.

10. I want to ask the best question ever in every situation I am put into.

11. I want to stop robbing God by tithing every week.

12. I want to share the love and life that I have received from Christ to everyone I met.

13. I want to be an encouragement to those who don’t believe they can break the chains.

14. I want to be the first- the first to graduate from high school, the first to go to college, the first to graduate with a degree, and the first to own my own home.

15. I want my children to grow up in a Christian home and fall passionately in love with Christ.

16. I want to be the mom that I wish I had.

!7. I want my children to live in a more secure family, knowing they can talk to their parents, knowing they are loved and they will be constantly be told that every day.

18. I want to listen to God, even in the most trying times.

19. I want to be the friend others have been to me.
and lastly..

20. I want to lead children to the Lord, I want to see a revolution in the youth of America, I want to see a nation on fire for God, I want to see people living the Christian life, not just saying they do. I want the hearts of America to feel the love and joy that I feel from Christ. I want the troubled youth to know they aren’t alone and that there is a way out of their pain- it may not be soon but in due time, their cloud will be broken and the rays of love from God above will shine down and open the gates to a new life.

I decided to update them today:

1)Obey God

2)Love people

As I read through my goals, I broke as I read through all the “I’s” and wants and desires. No longer do I dream of being first. I use to desire to travel the world- but I only wanted that because thats what everyone else was doing. If I was to stand up to those goals now, I’d be a failure at everything. Looking back the only thing I did achieve was weight loss, and that was just this past year.

But God only asks us to do 2 things : Obey Him, and love others. So those are my goals now, everything else will work out as He sees fit.



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