Fresh-Brewed Life {Book Review}

I’m a coffee drinker. I look to it first thing in the morning to embrace me, so that I can embrace the day. It’s my comfort on a rainy day, my warmth when the skies are gray, and my go-to drink when the girl’s want to chat. Fresh-Brewed Life challenged me to allow something different to stir my soul into it’s morning mode.

Fresh-Brewed Life by Nicole Johnson helped me, a twenty something caught in the middle of two stages of life, to realign my awaking to the heart of Christ. Just as coffee refreshes me in the morning, it challenged me to seek the everlasting love of Christ to continually renew me through all of lives waves.Instead of just rushing through the days, as the caffeinated person I was normally did, Fresh-Brewed called me to live in the day, actively partaking in each live experience that was brought with that day.

So my question for you is do you find yourself gaining your strength from the strength of your coffee, or from the strength of your Maker? Are your days blurred with to-do lists or do you engage with your day? Are you savoring the life Christ proclaimed for you as you typically savor that last drop of coffee?

Allow Fresh-Brewed Life to awaken your soul this year to the calling Christ has on your life.



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