Build your Bank Account

You made it to your first pay check. Cold hard cash never smelled so good after all the hours you put in building up to that moment. That moment when you have a choice to make:

Do you go out and blow it or are you wise and save it?

In today’s world we run on a “spend now, save later” mind set. We see things that instantly suffice us but never invest in the things that ultimately fill us.

In weight loss, it’s the same way, but this time pay day comes daily.

Every morning when we wake, we begin to make choices that effect out account. When we eat, we withdraw calories from our account. When we exercise, we add too it. At the end of the day, what ever we are left with goes into our savings. We are building a savings account so that we can retire- and by retire I mean get off the weight loss wagon and into the maintenance mode, your goal weight.

Every day that you consume less, every day you push harder, every day you skip that chocolate for a carrot you are building that fund so that you can cash it all in on retirement and know that you hit your goal. Every time you overindulge, you skip that workout, your pushing that date back.

When you are building a savings, every time you withdraw from it you are pushing back the day when you cash that in for a house, car, or whatever you were saving for. Why wouldn’t you want to do the same thing with your weight loss?

So today, will you invest into your retirement fund or will you push the date back so you can enjoy the instant gratification.



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