Walk in Your own Field



There we sat. Curled in the front seat of his truck under the stars. How they shined bright out in the country, far above the field we sat in. There he sang. He sang whatever we had playing on the radio at that time. Country. Always country. I laid my head on his heart and hoped that this would be my field. This would be the field of my existence for years to come.

It wasn’t though. It wasn’t the field that I would return to week after week. It wasn’t the field my future husband would be found on. It was the field that ripped those heart strings to pieces as he said he was done, that it wasn’t working out, that it was him and not me, that I was used to fill a void that really couldn’t be filled, that for the young 21 year old girl who had just experienced her first boyfriend this relationship status was now marked as’ finished’ and she was returned empty with the status ‘single’ marked on her heart again.

Single. Empty.

Ruth wandered into the field that she was led to. She didn’t know whose it was, but she went and worked. Ruth shortly later encountered Boaz. Boaz at this point would have known who she was. Would have known her situation, her past, and her current position in life. Single. Devoted to a family member who she could have easily left. Loyal. I wonder what Ruth was thinking. Was she thinking about the hopes of remarrying? Was she thinking about her future? Or was she so devoted to the woman who birthed her now dead husband, that she abandoned any thought of her own life for the sake of the woman she now loved?

Boaz extended favor to Ruth. He offered life through the work of gathering grain. He brought a fullness to her life. As she worked his fields, I can imagine his heart growing fond of her. Ruth followed the guidance of Naomi and Boaz and remained in that field. She could have chose to explore another field, but she stayed the course that was laid before her. In the end, Ruth is redeemed by Boaz. This woman who was humble and loyal was now redeemed by the one who found favor in her. All because Ruth remained in her field.

I fled the other field. I often want to jump fences and find new fields because mine doesn’t seem too interesting. Others fields seem to be producing more, but God has me in a certain field for a certain reason. He will reveal my Boaz one day, but that day is for Him to reveal, not for me to go out hunting for.

When I walk in the field, I am full. I’m restored, I’m loved, I’m cared for. Single maybe my status, but emptiness no longer labels my heart. For I full of the love of Christ.

I lay my head down at night staring at the stars above. Sweet whispers fill my heart as “You are loved” fills the air. It is then I know, my field is where I belong.


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