Off Roading on the Whole30


I’m a Southern girl. We off road well. In fact, we off road so well its actually a spectator sport. First time I ever went off roading, we got stuck and ended up in what looked like a scene from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and I thought my life was over. So when I thought about off roading  from the Whole30 I thought I had it. Let me first define off roading from the Whole30.

Off roading is when you incorporate foods that were not compliant on the program back into your diet.

So here I stood. I finished the program and had already scheduled a celebration dinner date at Ted’s with a friend. I started that morning with pancakes. By dinner time I was ready to dive into the juiciest burger on a bun. We started with sugary cocktails, had bison burgers and fries, and ended with a brownie loaded with ice cream and hot fudge. I left in a sugar a coma.

The next morning was worse. Cramps and bloating I regretted every decision from Saturday (minus my run and workout.) For the next week I would spiral into food binges and consumed more calories in a day than I did some weeks on the Whole30. I was out of control and ruining all the hard work I had put in over the past 4 weeks. So by Thursday afternoon I made the decision- Monday morning I was going back on the Whole30. 30 more days of restructuring my diet and way of thinking of food. 30 more days of saying no to certain events or foods because they are not on the lists. I gave up the scale for lent so not even going to be measuring this round.

Life after the Whole30 can work, it does for so many. But when you off road into the restricted zone, remember to bring a tow rope to pull you out of the deep sugary pit of awesomeness that ends up wrecking all your hard work.


One thought on “Off Roading on the Whole30

  1. What a great comparison! Good for you for recognizing the mudpits you fell into, and for recognizing the ropes you needed to pull yourself out. =)


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