Restless {Book Review}

Your view of life may be small, but nothing about your life is small.

Are you restless? Ever feel like you’re in this world but just missing out on something? In Jennie Allen’s book Restless  she walks you through the story of Joseph, pinpointing themes that may lead to a deeper understanding of why we often feel like we’re missing something.

What we truly are missing is more of God’s presence.

Allen combines Joseph story to take you through your gifts, dreams, talents, passions, past, and relationships showing how these were not random things in your life, but the fuller story that God willed for your life.

Allen gives you space in the book to journal along and keep record of your thoughts as God brings light to them during the reading. I enjoyed having prompts and questions to full the conversations I would have with God throughout my reading.

By the end of the book, you feel a greater purpose, knowing that you were made for more. That your life is not just some small speck, but a light in a dark world. One that God is using to bring the light to the dark, to the hurting, to the those who truly are empty, those who are enslaved to their past not knowing that there is freedom available.

So are you willing to let God be bigger in your life than your do-to list, knowing that He has called you to be more?



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