Twenty and Something {Review}

Whether you’ve just left this frame, just entered it, graced it 20 years ago, or have found yourself knee-deep in the midst of it and can’t quite remember how you got there: we all experience life at this age at some point. What then makes this generation so much different that the generations we’ve seen before? Well in “Twenty and Something” David Kim walks you through this frame using Barna Group Research to explain just that. In a frame that was often full of life advancements, we’ve seen a slowing-down of the pace of things, and more seekers of “true-self identity” before moving on than in generations past. How is this effecting jobs, education, marriage, and the church? Kim dives into each of these realms and provides research to help gain a deeper understanding of this frame and why the change of pace. In just 80 pages you’ll leave with a little more knowledge of today’s Twenty Somethings that may just change your course of interactions with them.

As a Twenty-somethinger myself, this book provided a deeper insight to my generation. I knew some of these things but to read the research that backed it up just made things more clear. Kim provided me with some insights as far as how I could reach fellow peers in this range and help rekindle their relationship with Christ and the church. I would recommend this book for anyone who works with this age range in any capacity, or if you find yourself in this frame and want to know if others out there are progressing just as slowly through college ( which they are).

This book was provided to by Booksneeze- all opinions are my own. 


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