Filled with Hunger & Satisfied in the Soul

kari&rend-18We wake to an alarm clock, shuffle to the kitchen and in a daze brew a liquid gold most claim they can’t function without. Once the steamy liquid quenches our caffeine need, we move on to our stomach. The grumbles begin. We hone in on what to fix when there are only two eggs that remain and three day old french toast. You forgo the eggs and decided on the toast because in 60 seconds you’re able to devour that which should suffice to fill the bottomless pit that is centered in our body. For now. Give it 2 hours and it will be stirring again. Constantly filled with hunger. Never fully satisfied. Longing for the nutrients to survive but willing to accept any substance to fix it’s need.

Our soul longs for the same thing. To be full, to be satisfied. It too is filled with a hunger- one that substances of this world can not fill. Oh sure we try, from alcohol, pornography, lust, prosperity, to gluttony, greed, and pride. We join the world’s party, sampling all it’s goodies, looking for the true fix that will satisfy yet we never obtain it.

We’re in need of something to sustain us, to satisfy the longing in our soul, to fill us with a life-giving water that won’t run dry. We’re in need of a Savior.

A Savior is what we gained, yet the way we gained Him was not an easy route. It was the route that was designed by God when He sent Jesus to the Earth, one that needed one thing to sustain us. His blood. His blood that was emptied out through the beatings, march to Golgotha, and nails pierced through his wrists and feet. This blood that was poured out upon a wooden cross, was the offering that would bring you and I the life-giving water, the satisfaction in our soul, and the fullness that nothing this world could bring.
His blood covered us while darkness covered Him. He bore the weight of our sin. What a weight that must have been. Dwell on that for a moment. He who knew no sin, no lustful thought, no white lie, no hatred for another, became sin- bearing it all. The sins we indulged in hoping it would fill us, those are what held him there, so that we might know the meaning of what fullness is.
“For he satisfies the longing soul,
and the hungry soul he fills with good things.”
Psalm 107:9
His death and resurrection satisfies the soul and fills the hungry. With life. That is the good thing that Christ brings. That is why we can celebrate, because we who were so deserving to bear the weight from our sin were spared. We were ransomed and given grace. No longer do we have to go through the lunch line of the world trying to fill our soul- the gift of life is now available to those who would call upon Christ as Lord.
Are you hungry this season? Come to the well that doesn’t run dry.


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