Why Pinterest is Ruining my Life

Pinterest. Most have heard it or are strangely addicted to it. It’s what we turn to when we need a new meal,workout, organization tip, parenting guidance,party theme, or DIY project. It’s the new self-help guide of the 2st century. 

And it’s wrecking my life. 

Right now I have 4,129 pins, 51 boards ( 5 of which are private, solely for the purpose of hiding those guilty pleasure ideas that I don’t want others to steal), and 158 likes. 163 people follow me and I’m sure about 1/2 of those people are people who I’ve never met. Yet they like my stuff.

Of those 4,129 pins,I think I’ve actually used 400. Many of those are photog tips. I have workouts pinned that will probably be done. I have meals that “I’ll do one day”, there are countless boards for motivation because that seems to be short. I have parenting boards for kids I haven’t birthed. There are wedding boards. Yes I said boards. Multiple. Multiple that are hidden because I don’t want others to have the same theme or color or dress or that one overly done photo that is just too cute not to have. 

I want to be original. Yet I’m among the masses that daily check into this feed to fill some void.

Then there is my feed. If it’s not half clad women who are suppose to inspire to do more crunches ( it doesn’t, I still go drink my latte), meals that are overly savory that make me want to create them ( but I don’t, so I grab the frozen Healthy Choice for dinner), the workouts that are suppose to give me Summer Arms and a Beach Booty in 30 days, the wedding dresses shared by 16 year olds who aren’t even in a position to marry yet they are dreaming of that Perfect day ( news flash- probably won’t be perfect), the parenting tips that once again we forget, the extravagant birthday party for the 1 year old just to one up our friends, or the photography guides that I desire to shoot like but know it will take years for that to come- it all is suppose to fix me. To make me feel better. To make my life fuller.

 Yet even after trying those 400 pins, or repinning thousands later, I still find myself empty. Why is that? Why is my feed full yet my heart still empty?

It’s because the only thing that can fill it wasn’t found on a social media site with good intentions of sharing knowledge that was overtaken by the sinful nature of man but was found in a lowly stable that was full of the glory of God yet contained in the body of a helpless babe, who grew as a sinless man, yet bore the full sinful nature of all men on a tree so that he could rise again and proclaim victory over the sins of greed, lust, envy, jealousy, and despair. 

My Pinterest board wrecks my life because it’s a fantasy, Jesus redeemed my life with a reality so rich no pin can touch it. 

I’m often reminded of the rich ruler who asked Jesus how he could enter the kingdom of Heaven. Jesus told the man ” Sell all that you have and distribute to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me” (Luke 18:22) yet the man turned away said, to which Jesus replied ” How difficult it is for those who have wealth to enter the kingdom of God!” (v.24)

Are you chasing after the Pinterest dream? Chances are that life won’t live up to your boards no matter how are you try. I’m not saying to delete your account, just take an honest view at how often you turn to your feed to fill those voids in your life. Jesus offers something so much greater than that 10 life hacks pin. 

Would you rather have a life with Jesus or a life with your picture perfect Pinterest board?




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