I checked my phone for the 5th time in the past 5 minutes. Why aren’t they responding. They are sitting on Facebook via their phone. Messenger says so. So why can’t they respond. 

I battle with this internal dialog over and over every day. Wondering why people don’t respond when we expect them to. Setting up these expectations on people to perform tasks when we declare they should be done. If you’re Facebook,you probably got a notification of my text, you should have responded by now. Others would have responded by now. You must be ignoring me. Wait, What have I done? 

Now, the guilt of trying to decipher why this person hasn’t responded to our expectations plagues everything we do. We text again ” Did you get my text?”

Guess what. They got it. They are just a little busy.

We’ve become accustom to a “respond now” society that when people fail to meet that expectation, we think the world has ended.

But guess what. Those expectations we place on others, whether it’s in regards to communication, dating, friends, family, or just how someone should act because society says so are all unrealistic.

They will never be met. You will be disappointed. You will be hurt.

When we expect more of others we are setting ourselves up for failure. Because we’re not perfect.

In fact, It was known that we would fail.

“for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” Romans 3:23

He knew we would. And we do. We fall short day in and day out.

So I propose we stop. Stop expecting. Stop expecting people from performing these unrealistic expectations and just live. Love God, love people, and live.

Live in such a way that people want to respond in a timely manner. Live in a way that you acknowledge your not the center of people’s lives. Live in a way that you embrace relationships as your own, not as the cookie cutter relationship you can build on page 56 of Cosmo. Live in a way that the friendships you create exist without these strings that weave you into obligations.

Love God, love people, and live. Expect nothing more because you’re owed nothing.


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