Radio World Views

I recently began listening to a local radio station that plays all the latest hits. I know some who believe listening to secular stations is not a Christian thing to do, because they are not godly. I agree they aren’t godly, in fact they are the farthest thing from godly.

So why do it?

Because chances are, my youth are too.

Chances are the students who I do life with, know every lyric to All About That Bass, Blackwidow, Anaconda, and Shake It Off.

Chances are they are in love with 5SOS and 1D.

Chances are they heard the conversations about girls walking all over their boyfriends, married guys having threesomes, and the debate over how far into relationships the cast were willing to do various activities with their date ( i.e see each other naked, get hammered, watch adult movies, etc)

Chances are their friends listen to the same stuff and then share with themĀ over lunch in cafeterias that now have sofas and tvs.

It’s because of those chances, I’m willing to learn what the radio world views of today are. Because if I’m not tuned into what they are tuning into, are they going to tune into me when I speak the Gospel in their life? If I have no foundation to relate on, are my chances of building a relationship where they feel trusted firm? Probably not. The students whom I get the joy to pour into are surrounded by these world views and if I don’t know them then how can I help them understand the flaws in those views?

When we know what is going on in our world, we have an advantage of sharing the gospel.

So as I help these youth understand life as a Christian in a sin filled world, I want them to understand the culture they are growing up in so they can see why they need the gospel. When they see the cracks in worlds views as to how to pick up the best date, what relationships are supposed to be like, and how to do life big, they can see the beauty of the cross.



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