Lean on Me {Book Review}

Community. It’s something we crave. Something we long for. Something that my church is so committed to, it’s one of our core values. So when I was give the chance to review “Lean on Me” by Anne Marie Miller through Booklook Bloggers, I jumped on it expecting an everday guide to how to do community differently. What I found though was one person’s story on how her community was shaped and how her transformation can help others craft community for themselves.

Through this memoir, I saw glimpses of myself. Through her story I was able to see my own story full of faults, pride, selfish ambition, and my own call for community. Her word’s resonnated with my heart as I currently seek to build a community for myself through my local church and people in my life who have been influental.

In order to embrace the person we are meant to be, we must let go of the person, the ego, we created.

The richest relationships bloom only through time, commitment, and a wide-open mind about who those relationships might be with. Community will come. It may not arrive tomorrow. Or the day after that. It may not show up in the form you expect or be the people you are expecting, but it will come.

Community is meant to be intentional. It takes work. It never looks or acts the same. Community requires action and humility. It requires commitment. If you are searching and find yourself empty. If you tire from endless relationships that lead no where, check out “Lean on Me” by Anne Marie Miller and through the words of her story, may you find the ability to create community for yourself for the sake of the kingdom of God.



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