When Love Rushes In

As I sat eagerly last New Years Eve with my journal in one hand and bible in the other, I listed out all the plans I had for the year. Plans and dreams of races and pant sizes. Plans and resolutions that meant well, but brought little follow through. Plans, dreams, and resolutions that for once didn’t include love.

Then the unthinkable happened.

Love rushed in. 

As I look back at 2014, I see the evidence of love all over the place. Just weeks after I’d pray for God to bless our children’s ministry with growth, the outpour of His love followed as new families emerged. What a joy to look back and see how our ministry has new life and love that led us to our first child dedication.

I began new relationships with ladies at the church as His love poured through our ladies bible studies. Through each one I was able to bond with ladies who have become influential in my walk with Christ. They would pray with me for my future husband. We’d sit and discuss marriage and I would soak in all their knowledge praying a grain of it would stick for the years to come when I longed to be a Godly wife.

The biggest fountain flowed though in March when I stumbled across a site that would have me friend request a man whom I would engage in daily messages with for a week before hearing his voice which would later as me out on a date with coffee that would last for 4 hours marking the beginning of our relationship. This navy gingham wearing, bearded fellow would soon ask me to be his boyfriend after a Braves game. We’d spend the summer cheering each other on at our half marathons. We’d grow together through our sharing of God’s word. He’d eventually start coming to the Journey Dallas. He would win my heart over in November and asked for my hand in marriage on November 15.


To think that in 9 months I’d go from a single woman to a fiance is crazy. Love rushed in. Love flowed through our disagreements and our craziness. Love flowed through our times of bible study and our prayers for each other.

Now, as we face 2015, love continues to grow as we enter it engaged and we’ll leave it married.  The plans I made 365 days ago- some got done, some got erased, and some with transfer to this year. I know one thing though, it’s not so much my plans anymore that matter. It’s all God’s plan. When love rushed in, it taught me just that.




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