Joy in the Presence of Crazy

My life is crazy right now. Not that other’s aren’t, but when others get winded from you sharing what all your doing- you know your season is best described as crazy. With a 40 hour work week, 3 days of strength training, leading a family ministry, school, photography here and there, wedding planning, house hunting, dating that handsome runner of mine, and somehow making time for others- this season is short of time, but full of joy.

But it wasn’t always like that.

See, I was that person for part of my season who saw the negative in things. It was easy to do. Something small could throw off the whole day. A wrongly read text would send my heart spiraling downward. Alarm go off late and now you have to deal with buses on the way to the gym? Guess the rest of the day will be more of the same, always trying to play catch up.

Then a friend reached out and challenged me to find the positive. She insisted that I stop letting other things steal my joy like I had. This season of my life happens once. I’m engaged. I”M GETTING FREAKIN MARRIED ( in 166 days I might add) to the first and only love of my life- that’s a blog all in itself.

I daily get to interact with several people, and my heart motive has the chance to bring joy to them. Today one of them told me I was her personal hero. When I smile, they smile back. My photos get the chance to capture sweet memories the mind will one day forget. Leading ministries means I get to invest in the future generations as well as be a part of their families lives as they grow in their understanding of the gospel. I do life with others who daily lead me back to the word of God.While in school, I enjoy the bond being build between my mentor and I as well as trusting that this season will open new doors down the road.I get to train my body for a sport that continually challenges me to push myself to new levels, which equips me with the strength to be a solid vessel of the word of God. In the midst of house hunting, I get the ability to see how God will use Thadd and I live in community with others. As we are preparing for our life together, we get to use this season to continue to grow in our understanding of each other as well as the ultimate purpose of marriage.

In all areas, there is His presence which is the fullness of joy.


Because this is the path of life that God prepared for me. My life is full. Crazy, but full of his presence and joy. With that, I rejoice.

You make known to me the path of life;
in your presence there is fullness of joy;
at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.
p s a l m 16:11

One thought on “Joy in the Presence of Crazy

  1. AMEN. Oh Kaela, I tell you this all the time but I really love seeing Jesus shine out of you. Great perspective. It is SO hard in the in the middle of the busy to catch that we are LIVING in God’s presence. We can’t think it will all be calmer if only X, Y, or Z would change. We have one life on Earth, and each moment of this one life has been hand crafted for you by God. Live for HIS glory!


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