The Mirror That Spoke More

We were in college. She lived across the quad, was dorm mates with my best friend, had this friendly smile, and was a book lover like me. I can’t really recall the first day we met (which is sad because they say first impressions are the ones that last) but she became a friend soon enough. We’d enough meals together, took a religion course together- one that would cause us to use our class breaks as prayer sessions for the un-sound doctrine that was being taught. We had a love for Disney and both had never been kissed, a truth we proudly displayed when we twined in our Sleeping Beauty tees that boldly displayed the saying ” Waiting for loves true kiss.” But there was a gift, a simple wooden thing, that meant so much more.


At some point this wooden jewelry box was given and those two words were scribbled upon the mirror in an elegant fashion.

Hello Beautiful

What the giver of this box didn’t know at the time was that those words would one day be a morning anthem, a pledge to wake and see myself as beautiful. Those two words would stay upon the glass for all to see, the lid of the box never closed.

It would take some time for the receiver, me, to believe that word beautiful . Me? The girl who would roll out of bed, throw on raggedy clothes, and pull her hair through a ponytail holder as she sped down the stairs late to class. The girl who would battle with the lies from a larger mirror and her past that fed into her binging and purging to fill her soul. The girl who never believed compliments from others.

Through a process of learning self love,hearing those words from friends and later a man and more importantly reading them in the living words of God- I
began to rejoice in that word beautiful. I began to wake anew, see that greeting, and for once agree.

That mirror which held those words then, still hold them today. The friend, Victoria, who knew not the impact she’d make back then, knows now them impact she makes every day.

Hello Beautiful


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