10 Together and 5 Til We Wed


10 months. 

It doesn’t seem like much, but to someone who never knew love, it feels like eternity. But it’s just the beginning.

I still think of that night. The one pictured above. I bought that new jersey so I could match you. We sat in the outfield, cracked jokes, sipped Cokes, shared Reece Pieces, and blew Big League bubbles. You and me and our love for the game.

That night, you did something no other man had done in my life. As you opened my car down and said goodnight, you held my hands asked if I’d be your girlfriend, then gently kissed me. I remember looking back into your headlights as I walked inside knowing I just kissed the man who I’d kiss for the rest of my life.

My phone exploded just like my heart that night when you made things Facebook official.

7 months later you’d present me with this after dinner and before cupcakes asking me to be your wife. I said yes, and of course ate a cupcake.


Now with 5 months to go, the days seem longer than before. With each passing Sunday, I see us standing at that alter vowing to love no matter what, knowing that a love rooted in the foundation of Christ never fails. It’s patient. It’s kind. I wake in the mornings and look to my left to see my wedding dress knowing that in 156 days I’ll walk in white down the aisle as we walk into the next journey of our life. I can’t wait. 

In closing, I’m sharing a new favorite song from Dave Barne’s new EP “Hymns for Her” check it out here http://amzn.com/B00T52V24W  . The song is called ” Good Day for Marrying You ” and it will most definitely be in my Wedding Day Prep Playlist.


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