Goal Setting to Make It Happen

Making Things Happen

I recently began reading Make It Happen  by Lara Casey ( review coming soon!) Through it, I’ve been challenged to face my fears, question my passions, make action steps, and structure my life in such a way as to create an environment for progress to happen, not perfection. Then I learned of the conference. I began to contempt the idea of attending.

But then I saw the cost and was defeated.

How could I, a 25 year old fiance who is in the midst of home buying and just doing life attend a conference that costs $1800?! A friend shared a possible solution.

Lara Casey was having a giveway. Could I win? Possibly. Wouldn’t hurt to enter. I could win entrance to the conference. More importantly though I could win the knowledge of how to make things happen over this next year.

I could gain wisdom on finally launching my photography business.

I’m praying that this chance would come to be, but even if it doesn’t, I know that I’m on the right track to make things happen in 2015.



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