What Disney Won’t Teach Our Daughters

Recently a dear friend of mine sent me a text that had us laughing, but made me think deeper. Her simple text was brought about after sharing a recent Disney princess purchase and it’s unrealistic standards of beauty,then this:

“but seriously what do we do about Disney?”

I responded with the only thing that came to mind and heart:

“Disney- you treat it like Santa and the other make believe things of the world- you teach your child the truth. Show her the Godly women of the Bible and remind her no matter what Disney creates, beauty can not be airbrushed or created- it is birthed from the love placed in our hearts by the resurrection power of Jesus”

And then I might have wanted to post a fistbump emoji.

In all seriousness, though, our daughters will never learn true beauty from Disney. They will never see the work of Christ in a princess ( although, if they ever did that might be a huge score for Disney.) Yes they will see happily ever afters, dream of Prince Charmings, and hope for fairytale weddings, but in the end they will one day face reality.

In reality, life isn’t full of happily ever afters. It’s full of darkness birthed from sin, broken hearts by men they thought were Prince Charming but ended up being just duds in tin foil, and weddings that end up not a grand as they imagined because going into debt over a wedding wasn’t worth it ( if only we had Disney’s bank account number!)

And what Disney taught them will begin to crumble like the man who built his house upon the sand.

Because Disney taught them with a “Bippity Boppity Bop” all their troubles would disappear.

But for our daughters who grow-up hearing stories of the women of the Bible, in the midst of the Disney fame, may they learn things that only the Gospel can teach, and begin to see that beauty is indeed only found through the cross and not the glass slippers or tiaras.

The Gospel teaches them that with the cross, things won’t necessarily disappear but the burden won’t be theirs alone. They might have darkness, but Jesus brings them light. They may never met Prince Charming but they will meet the Prince of Peace. They might not have the fairytale wedding but they can have the Christ centered marriage.

My prayer is that daughters everywhere would be:

As curious as Eve, and not just Ariel,
As full of courage as Esther and not just like Rapunzel,
As brave as Rahab and not just Mulan,
As caring as Ruth and not just Snow White,
As sophisticated as Anna and not just Aurora,
As self-sacrificing as Mary, sister of Martha and not just like Belle,
As hardworking as Lydia and not just Cinderella,
As invested in the future generations as Eunice and Lois and not just the Fairy Godmother.

Because while the princesses may teach us those things, the Gospel shows us how Eve’s curiously brought forth sin into the world but she still birthed the family line that would lead us to our Savior. Esther was courageous despite what it could have cost her. Rahab through her bravery was turned from a harlot to a heroine. Through the caring loyalty of Ruth we are shown a beautiful submissive woman. Anna’s devotion to serving God both day and night, gives light to a sophisticated life despite her being a widow. Mary, the sister of Martha, sacrificed not only costly perfume but also her humility as she boldly spilled her feelings out at the feet of Jesus. Lydia was a hardworking business woman, yet she still found time to worship Jesus and was willing to serve God’s people. Eunice and Lois took their responsibility to invest in the future generations seriously which led to the spreading of God’s word.

Our daughters might still “ooh” and “ahh” over the princess dresses. When they pose in front of the mirror and twirl around and round, I pray that they may see themselves just as beautiful as they see their favorite princess. Because when I see them, I see them as a princess of the King of all Kings with a much deeper beauty that flows through them that never ends.

That my friends, is the happily ever after Disney won’t teach.



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