Girl Meets Boy: The Thadd and Kaela Story

In just a few nights Thadd and I will celebrate the night that we met face to face. The night  pictures became real, the words spoken in front of us and not via phone, and for the first time we’d get to watch each other’s eyes light up as we told stories. It was the night we said hello in the parking lot, and the night we began the journey we’re now on. 

But how did we get to that night? 

I haven’t shared much of our meeting story and thus given all the memories from a year ago I thought it was finally fitting.

To stay I stumbled into this wouldn’t be too far from the truth. It still remains a mystery what led me to Sovereign Grace Singles and will forever be the starting point of this story. Either way, March 14 I stumbled upon this site and decided to create a profile. I wasn’t necessarily seeking a relationship but was ecstatic about a site that connected Reformed believers around the world together. It was a social media site developed to allow us to share understandings of scripture and yes had a platform for dating. Once I made my way through the profile, I decided to search and friend request everyone in Georgia. Reformed believers in the south are few and far between. The search led me to a profile of a handsome, blue eyed man who’s page lifted up the name of God and shared his passions: running and Braves baseball. The friend request went through on Monday and shortly after I received the message that would send us into lengthy conversations for the next few days.

Every night that first week we messaged back and forth sharing details about our likes and dislikes, and with every message I grew more eager to meet the man who was showing such interest in my life. On Friday night he causally shared his number with me. After spending time praying about sharing my number( and letting him know I was Southern in my ways and so he’d have to make the first move), I sent a message back and the next day we were texting. Texting led to phone calls. The phone calls went on for hours. For those who know me, you know I despise talking on the phone. I actually use to have to give myself pep talks just to call someone. So when I would hang up and see that we had spent 3 hours on the phone, I knew this might lead us somewhere. Sure enough, we planned our first date and wound up at one of my favorite coffee shops- The Daily Grind. I was full of nerves and arrived 2 hours early. After browsing through nearby shops and taking some time to journal, I walked back to my car ( I didn’t want him to think I had been waiting long) and anticipated his arrival. The 13.1 sticker gave his car away. He rounded the lot and pulled in beside me. Our eyes met, we smiled, rushed out of cars, and embraced for the first time. I look back on that night and smile. Some may not believe in love at first sight, but that night my breath was stolen by a man who I barely knew but knew I wanted to spend eternity with. We had somehow managed to match- both wearing my favorite colors (coral and navy), the navy gingham pulling out the blue in his eyes. He paid for our coffee, both getting java coolers- him with cookies and cream and I with my white mocha- and we spent the next 4 hours laughing and chatting. The night ended with him opening my car door and embracing me the same way the night began.

Our schedules and distance keep us from seeing each other often. We planned another night out, this one for dinner and putt-putt which turned into adding froyo and strolling through Walmart laughing at each other as we pulled $5 movies from the bin and recalled childhood memories. The next week we went out for our first Braves game. He drove the hour drive to my home, picked me up, blared country down 278 as we pulled into The Varsity. After a traditional Atlanta dinner and chaotic drive to the stadium- we spent the next 5 hours cheering on our Bravos, hand in hand, tomahawk chopping in sync, and sharing snacks of Reese’s Pieces, Sour Green Apple Big League gum and peanuts. The Braves won that night, but we won even more. The journey home was spent singing country lyrics back and forth, tracing the lines of each others fingers, and ended with an embrace and comments of how we’re ok with sharing pics together, and then the question came of status changes. I agreed so long as he initiated it ( I believe guys should lead). There he stood holding my hands, his 5’6” self looking dead into my eyes, our gaze locked, he leaned in until our foreheads met, one more glance up and I knew the next move he’d make. This 24 year old who had never been kissed, closed her eyes after noting the direction his head went, I tilted left, and let magic take over. They say sparks fly. I’m sure bombs exploded. I let the moment linger. As much as I wanted it to continue, I knew it was past midnight and he still had a long drive home. I murmured a goodnight, kissed him again, then slowly walked to my door where I bid the night to an end.




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