I Am My Beloved’s featuring Helen Handmade with a {G I V E A W A Y}

I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine
Song of Solomon 6:3

I wear a ring on my right ring finger now. At one time, it resided on my left, guarding the place my engagement ring now holds. Inside the band is reads ” I will wait for” and above you’ll boldly see ” my beloved”

I’ve waited for you Thadd.


As we began our wedding preparations, my friend Victoria has been on speed dial.. or maybe speed text because with our varying schedules, phone calls just don’t happen as much as we’d like. In mid February, she connected me with Helen from Helen Handmade and while I’ve never met Helen, she has been a blessing.

So when Helen asked I’d be interested in doing a product review, I said yes. All my bride friend’s out there, let me just say creative juices run D E E P in Helen’s veins. Seriously her talent and heart for homemade things just radiates from her work. We discussed a few options for items and settled on a custom piece of artwork that Thadd and I can display at the reception but also on the walls of our home after the marriage.

It was then I shared this with Helen to give her my inspiration:

For me, I would say Song of Solomon 6:3 is our verse primarily because my fiancé is my first and only real relationship. I’ve also remained pure and with that wear a ring that says on the inside “I will wait for” and on the outside “my beloved”. When we first began dating, he read through my blog and found the one that shared how I was waiting and how no other man had ever known my heart. It was the only blog that made him cry and ask God to remove me from his life if he wasn’t the man for me. Well, 10 months later we are still here and engaged. My name also means beloved so that adds an element.

After giving her my wedding colors and love for magnolias, she went to work designing. What she came up with blew my mind it was so beautiful.


It’s a 12×16 solid wood custom built piece, and y’all I can’t wait to hang it! Helen was so great to work with. For the paint colors, I shared the Pantone colors to which she matched perfectly.  The design is perfect and represents not only our wedding style but also the style for our home.

Sometimes blessings fall like the sweet spring rain. 

So in addition to blessing me, Helen wanted to bless my readers. So we have created the first giveaway ever featured on this blog.  What is she giving away? A $50 SHOP CREDIT! So excited about this. The giveaway will run from today, April 13 to April 18th at midnight so make sure you enter! Click here to head to Helen’s site then you’ll find the giveaway under the Giveaway tab.  In addition, she has provided a coupon code for all to use until April 30th for 10%. The code is BELOVED. I’m so thankful she extended these offers to y’all and hope you enjoy her work as much as Thadd and I have.



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