Reduce&Reuse: A Look into Cloth Diapering

I was pregnant when I began looking into cloth diapering. With the knowledge that we would be a one income family I wanted to be the best steward I could of the income we had. One of the ways I could do that was by cloth diapering. I began by joining various buy sale trade groups to build our stash. At the time I didn’t know what type would work for us so I got a variety of different brands to see what we would like. From there our journey began. 

Amelia was 3 weeks old when I put her in cloth for the first time. I could have started earlier but as we were adjusting to life and tending to things, I wasn’t fully ready to dive into it. Knowing what I know now, we’ll start cloth from the beginning with future children. Amelia wasn’t in cloth consistently either until she was around 4ish months just again due to life. 

We started mainly with all in ones, pockets, fitteds , and covers. Just a brief overview on the different types we had:

  • All in ones- the cloth diaper that is most like a disposable, the absorbent part is attached to the cover so you change the whole diaper with each change. 
  • Pockets- the absorbent part is stuffed into a pocket allowing you to customize the absorbency. You have to change the whole diaper with each change as well. 
  • Fitteds- the whole diaper is the absorbent part but requires a cover to contain the moisture. 
  • Covers- goes over fitteds or prefolds to contain the moisture. Not absorbent by themselves. 
  • GDiapers- washable pant with pouch for a disposable insert. 

We had some gDiapers and used them until Amelia grew out of them. They were good for us then because i didn’t have a good wetbag to tote things around so I could carry a few pants and inserts just got flushed down the toilet. 

When I finally got a good wetbag and really decided to get consistent, I began to realize which diapers I reached for more. I liked the two Lil Helpers I had the most so began looking for more. I soon found an old college friend who was selling some so I bought hers. I then began selling off old diapers to pay for the new system that worked well for us. Why did I like the All in Two system? Because it reduced the time I spent stuffing. Now I could snap an insert in and go. Thadd could do it easily as well. Actually anyone who watched her could- it was that easy! I knew that if we were going to be a Cloth family, I needed ease and needed a system that wasn’t going to be overly taxing. All in ones took forever to dry and that wasn’t going to work for us. So we switched to Lil Helpers and Buttons only. 

Some tips for those beginning:

  • Things you’ll need: enough diapers for 2-3days. That’s going to depend on what system you use but for us that’s 8-10 covers and 20 inserts (more than enough and we actually own double this but I built our system for future children as well.)
  • A diaper pail and pail liner
  • One or two good wet bags for travel 
  • A washing routine: I got mine from Fluff Love-

That’s really all it takes to get started. Some accessories that help along the way:

  • A diaper sprayer for once you need to start removing poop from diapers
  • A Spraypal to help reduce splashing from when you clean the diapers. 
  • Diaper liners ( like these: which increase absorbtion and help with cleaning the poop. 
  • Cloth wipes – while I made my own I’m also adding some of these to our stash: Why cloth wipers? To add in the savings as well as to add to the convenience of cloth diapering because you don’t have to worry about throwing the wipe away or washing them by accident.

Cloth diapering is as rewarding as you want it to be. I know what’s in Amelia’s diapers, I know they are clean, I know that they save us money, and I know that they will last for years to come. Knowing that I’ve spent far less on the amount of diapers that we have than I ever would on disposable is amazing to me. We still have a stash of disposable that we use from time to time but those are the ones that were given to us at baby showers. 

I’ve included a video I made that outlined most of this. I hope this answers any general questions that are geared towards cloth diapering but I’m always willing to answer more!

Also here is the one we did of our latest Lil Helper Diaper just so you can see more about that system-

May your adventures in diapering be fluffy, full of love, and leak free. 
Also for those interested here is a Referral Code for Lil Helpers: this allows you to receive a FREE DIAPER  with your order of $79 or more. For that amount you could get enough to get you started with Lil Helpers! 



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