Kaela Aislynn Kennedy
Ms. Kaela.
Mary Poppins.


Beloved Inspiration.

These are a few of the names and titles I’ve been given through the years. The first, my full name, usually is only heard when I’m in trouble. The second you’ll usually find being uttered from the mouth’s of children, and if they are young it might sound like “Ms. Kaewa.” In all these titles one thing remains, my identity in Christ.

I once described myself as a college kid. As a full of life and always questioning believer. Through the years I’ve grown to understand one thing- it’s not so much who I am but who Jesus is in me.

See with Jesus in me I am a teacher, friend, learner, leader, sister, daughter, photographer, worshiper, and life lover. With Jesus I am capable of so much more. I”m a Beloved Inspiration who desires to use her life struggles to shine the glory of God.

Through Jesus I have found who Kaela is. This blog was built to help others see God in their struggles and to give glory through all the experiences that are described here.

Just as a peach takes time to reach it’s peak sweetness, these words have taken time to captivate the sweetness of Christ.
Just as pearls take time to cultivate and must endure the struggle of the sea, so must our lives to experience the fullness of Christ.
Just as a peacock displays his beautiful tail , so must our lives display the beauty of Christ.



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