Your Word Is True: Truth Challenge

For the first time since The Journey Church began student ministry 2 years ago, we have embarked on the journey of using one curriculum for the full year. We chose “Your Word Is True” by Children Desiring God for a few reasons but the biggest one for me was that I saw a need in our students generation on discerning what is truth is. It’s been 2 weeks and I already can tell it’s going to be a great year. 

This past week though the lesson called me to realize the importance of memorizing the word regularly. Many of us can recite a verse or two but after our formative years of Sunday school I feel we loose the framework of hiding Gods word in our heart. Which is why I made the decision that this year our student ministry would undertake  a Truth Challenge. 

Our Truth Challenge is simple: memorize one verse a week. Thadd and myself are doing the same verses with the students. We’ve told the students that the end of the year, which ever students have memorized all of the verses would be treated to a special event. A celebration of a years growth of understanding but my prayer is even greater than their physical reward. My prayer is that these students would begin to be changed by the word. That they would become so close to the word that their actions would no longer be based on things of this world but by His word. That we would grow a generation so encouraged by each other to be in the word that they realize they have brothers and sisters in Christ who are leaning in and on them for support. Just this past Sunday night as we announced the challenge we heard our middle and high guys make the deal that those who didn’t memorize the verse couldn’t have a dum-dum from our dum-dum tree (fact: I love that even our teens enjoy this element in our home. )


My hope is that throughout this challenge that hearts and minds would be changed. That teens would learn to love the word and seek it as their source of truth now and for the rest of their life. That they would grow in confidence in sharing their faith with others. So here’s to a Truth Challenge- may they truth challenge us to grow and seek His face daily despite all of life’s demands.