When We Need Each Other

It was just a typical bench day. But at the same time it wasn’t. It was AMRAP day. The day I tested my training to see if my numbers were improving. I worked my way up to the last set, started the video camera, and went for it. Then this happened:

This was rep 8 of 105#. But it was also the rep when I realized I needed someone. I needed a spotter. In a room of men and a gym where I knew at least 5 people by name at that point my pride said I got it. The video proves I didn’t. The bar hit chest and on the press I couldn’t get it up. I knew there was no lock out. So I dumped a side and got the bar to the bottom rung. I racked my weights and went and hid in the ladies locker room hoping no one caught my defeat. 

But in that moment I learned a valuable lesson: we all need someone. 

Whether it’s a spotter behind the bench for safety, a friend across the lunch table to help process life, a spouse to hold you when life has exhausted you, or a hand to pray with when life is hard- each moment echoes that  man was not created to be alone. 

We are called to live in community. To join in corporate worship not for the sake of numbers on a roster but because when we come together we:

“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭27:17‬ ‭ESV‬‬


“For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!‭‭”Ecclesiastes‬ ‭4:10‬ ‭ESV‬‬

We sharpen, lift up, encourage, and help one another not for our name sake but His. 

So today, join together with someone. Take a moment for a heart check with that friend who you’ve noticed hasn’t smiled as much lately. Grab a friend to workout together for safety and support. Take coffee to a mom who’s at home with the kids this week. Call the friend in another state to see how you can pray for them. Join together to remember it’s better there instead of being alone. 

Ten years

Ten years ago at the ripe old age of 13 I stepped into someone elses home with my first babysitting job. I will never forget that first child who someone else decided to trust me with. It was my teacher’s son and the mere fact she asked me to watch him blew my mind.

It was English class and I was finished early (like usual) with my task. Mrs. Hall then did something she only did to students who were in major trouble- she called me out into the hallway. Nervously I followed and there she proceeded to comment on my responsibility and then brought up the fact that Valentine’s day was the upcoming Saturday. Of course I knew that. I was a single 13 yr old who sat in the corner of every school dance crying because no guy ever asked me to dance. She then told me of her 2 yr old who she needed someone to watch. My only question ” Will you pick me up?” 

So Saturday night at 6pm she picked me up and I met Thomas. He of course was infatuated with Thomas the train and the rest of the night was history.

From there, came other nights for Mrs.Hall. High school brought on other families from church and by senior year I was watching other teacher’s kids as well. The summer after my first year of college I nannied for 3 different families with a total of 9 kids. 

In 10 years I’ve watched so many kids I’ve lost count. Each family has helped me grow and mature. I’ve read parenting books and applied things I’ve learned from classes to better my services. I’ve potty trained, broke kids off the paci, taught them to swim, and even taught some to read. 

But the time has come in my life for my service of nannying to be done. My latest family has dubbed me “Mary Poppins” and for that I will forever be grateful. I have enjoyed being a nanny. It’s something that came natural to me and something I believe I am gifted at. 

At 23 though, it’s time for me to move on. To move into a field where I can eventually meet the future husband. To allow time for my heart to yearn again for a child to hold. For a child to comfort to sleep, to reach for my hand, and to sing to sleep. That child will one day be mine and on that day, I will remember all the families that allowed me to practice being a mom. Thank you to every parent who ever trusted me with your child. I’m blessed and honored to have been part of your child’s life for whatever duration that was. 


House lights dim, curtain draws back.

Flick camera on, check settings for the hundredth time.

Focus in as the lights come up, shake out the hand crap that’s already coming.

Hold your breath, no wait you need to breathe. Hold the shutter now, don’t shake the camera.

Zoom in and out, capture each girl. Their movement is changing, change shutter speed too.

The mood is changing, and there goes the lighting. Focus hard and pray you get that one shot.

The one shot of the girl leaping through air as the tempo changes. The one shot of her twirling across the stage as is the wind was blowing her. The one shot of the expression of a girl who is deep in the one form of worship she knows. The one shot of the 30 seconds she has in the whole show.

These are the jitters and thoughts that float through my head as I sit in the top row of the Grand and attempt to capture every dance in such a way that dancers will smile and parents will cry because their baby girl is even more grown up that they thought.

My stage is behind a lens and I’m usually the one no one sees. And while there are those moments of jitters that come and go, my stage is the one place that I feel at ease. It’s where I know I can go to worship God as I use the talent He gave me to capture the talents He gave to others.

My stage a camera, my performance the photos, my talent- photography.


Quick update

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. For those who check in regularly- I’m sorry. Recently I’ve been re-evaluating my priorities, and while I love blogging, it’s just not a top thing. So here’s 5 things in my life right now that are going on:
1)Ministry- ministry is booming. God has been teaching me how to communicate well within a church, how to lead, how to be led, and how to reach out to a community that’s far from Him. I daily am learning from Him but through this I have found myself at a new level with God
2)Gardening- I’m loving learning how to grow things and God is teaching me MAJOR things through this- I have several blogs waiting to be wrote out of this. So far my fav thing in the ground is grapes. Can’t wait to see them bear fruit.
3)Friendships- When you learn the meaning of friendships, your able to value them more. Friends are meant to be investments, not dependents. I love investing in those God has placed in my life here in Dallas.
4)Photography- I’ve gotten a few shoots lately that have been fun. It’s still just something I’m dwindling in
5)School- School has been crazy. Taking a term off then going back was the hardest thing ever. Why? Homework. I forgot how to study, how to prioritize and now with everything else my college life is much different than before. I’m also considering transferring to an online university due to the length of time it’s suppose to take me here at KSU.

Through everything. I’m learning that God’s way is ultimate and in everything I am to glorify Him. If it doesn’t bring glory to God, then it’s probably not something I should be investing time and energy into. When we realize that we were created to bring Him glory through our lives, it changes the way we live. Which is exactly what I’ve experienced lately, and I’m excited about it.